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Insight Lean Solutions also provides training for companies that want to implement effective Layered Process Audit system.

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High Impact, Low Cost
How do you implement a high quality LPA system at low COST?

LPA Admin is the Answer.

LPA Admin has been designed to allow your organization to implement an LPA system quickly that meets your needs and not just the requirements of one or two of your customers. It provides your management team unprecedented access to all the information needed to observe your high risk areas throughout your manufacturing processes to improve your quality. Using a variety of easy to navigate screens, graphs and reports, your management team will be in command of your company’s manufacturing quality of its processes.

Below is an example of how LPA Admin displays a real-time LPA audit schedule. One may quickly view the audits scheduled and respond in a timely manner to keep audits current. And, since LPA Admin is a web-based application, this information is securely available to your management team anytime, anywhere.

LPA Admin Schedule at a Glance Screen Shot

How do you manage the LPA data at a low COST?

LPA Admin is the Answer.

If you are like most companies you are so busy working on your daily activities to service your customer’s requirements that you feel you do not have the resources to implement a LPA system. LPA Admin was developed with the lean concept of not allowing waste to enter the administrative activities of implementing or maintaining a high quality LPA system that meets your management team’s needs.

Your current TS administrator can easily set all the general setting and auditor information, while your cross-functional teams are identifying the high risk process and error proofing concerns. The checklist (audit questions) can be quickly copied into LPA Admin and associated with audit name, business unit or department, cell or work area, including customer, platform, and to the individual part number through the software. Your auditors are given the choice to be e-mailed audit notification, but their audits are easily located on their home page. They can see the audit activity that is required by them, therefore eliminating the wastes that e-mail causes.


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