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The lean way to manage layered process audits Layered Process Audits provide proactive process control, for both automatic and human-dependant tasks.
About Layered Process Audits
Everyone wants ZERO DEFECTS: Layered Process Audits are the answer.

"Driven by demands for zero-defects and aggressive cost-reductions, the need for control of manufacturing processes has never been greater, especially in the automotive industry. In today’s business environment suppliers cannot rely on inspection of parts and remain cost competitive. Instead, the focus is swinging to the basics of proactive process control, for both automatic and human-dependant tasks."
Murray Sittsamer, The Luminous Group

Layered Process Audits (LPAs), when planned and executed well, provide an effective tool for implementing just such proactive process controls. Layered Audits have long been an automotive requirement, but are now sweeping across the non-automotive supplier base. Pressure is being put on suppliers to implement risk mitigation. LPA is one way to proactively manage risk within your processes.

A Layered Process Auditing system must have a documented audit structure that schedules auditors at determined levels and frequency of inspection. Audits primarily focus on processes and error proofing systems by multiple layers of management. The LPA checklists must be living documents and a revision history maintained for each checklist.

LPA Admin provides a cost-effective, versitile solution for implementing LPA systems, exceeding customer requirements, and providing powerful information to your management teams to proactively identify manufacturing system failures before they result in customer rejections, costly scrap and lost production time.

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